Why February not forgotten? 

The month that my mom give birth to me in this challenging world we back 1979, and hey!  This is me now writing a short story regarding on how Im expressing  my natal day next month with God’s mercy. 

My sister asked me, what is your plan on your coming birthday? I answered, it depends on what I can do or the budget as well. “time will tell “ 

In my heart a great prayer wishing for always healthy as always. I don’t need bonggacious celebration but as long as my family complete that’s my happiness. 

As a mom, this is my advance wish for me and my family. Loving each other day by day. Family is not perfect without a great Love. Plus, health is a big blessing that we all need give thanks to our dear Almighty. 

Very inspiring my sister said, if you cook something that I want to interrupt that I’m always cooking for everybody! But just keep in my head, she said, I will cook sweets for you on your birthday,wow imagining how delicious. 

As a response to her offer I said I’m thinking & smiling soon let’s see what I can to my day more special with the help of the Almighty. 


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