Nature’s Best

Our mind develop a positive thought. Thus, if speaking nature it is perfectly created perfect by our creator. Like for example I visited a beautiful mountain that for the rest of my life this superb me & this is memorable place from my childhood until now. 

When I’m here in this beautiful mountain I can’t forget the song ” TOP OF THE WORLD ” lyrics follows :  

I’m on the top of the world looking                    down on creation and the only explanation  I can find, It’s the Love that I find ever since you been around.. I’m on the top of the world… Sing with me, forest and other creatures around here like crickets, birds & more.. 

Freshed in my memories the wind blew sooo cold & leaves dancing each other. I feel stress free visiting that place. Wind cooperate me while singing & forest too. 

Obviously, the lyrics fit the unique place & my hidden talent as well. Still freshed in mind that this beautiful mountain attested the sweetness me & hubby as our  ” bonding ”  the love that we share together, laughing together, never ending jokes of hubby. Yes! Very special moment,  even sometimes I hardly get what’s the joke but  I needed to listen the lines carefully & learned because I don’t want to end losser  and he is the winner. 

I’m not yet ending my story! 

I can feel that if we give love to nature, I assure to everybody that nature gives back us the love that we are throwing in the wind. In my own opinion, circle of happy life plus beautiful nature depends on what we felt & what we shared to our mother earth. Let’s not abuse our health & it’s our responsibility also to take good care of the nature that surrounds us day by day. 

Most importantly, if trials comes along say thank you, don’t blamed on anyone else. That’s the nature of life in bad times & in good times saying thank you is precious. Don’t forget trials are only spices of life to see how strong our faith to the dear Almighty. 

Definitely love is on us, not only love to our family but give love on nature is best. This is free of charge. Thanks God for this, with you dear Lord this is a perfect gift that I see them everyday. And love of my loving family. 

Thanks for spending time in reading. 

Love love love 



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